Concord police officer fired after shooting investigation sues for wrongful termination

The former Concord police officer who was fired after the investigation into a deadly shooting in early 2022 is now suing the police chief and the city of Concord.

In February, Brandon Combs, 29, was fatally shot in February 2022 by Concord police officer Timothy Larson at the Nissan dealership along Concord Parkway, according to authorities. Investigators said Larson found Combs trying to steal a car at the dealership. Larson and Combs then got into a fight before the shooting, officials said.

After the State Bureau of Investigation finished its investigation, the case was handed over to the district attorney to decide if charges would be filed. No charges ended up being filed against Larson.

The Concord Police Department said in June 2022 that Larson was terminated for “violation of company policies or procedures.” According to Larson’s notice of dismissal, Larson made untruthful statements during his interview with the SBI.


Concord police released his disciplinary record. Prior to the shooting, the only blemish on Larson’s record was a preventable crash in December of 2021. He was given a warning. But the discipline report dated Feb. 13 said that after the shooting, Larson declined to answer all 57 prepared questions given to him. Larson was warned that refusing to answer each question was a separate count of insubordination. Larson was fired in May.

Larson filed a lawsuit this week claiming wrongful termination, defamation, and several civil rights violations. He says in the lawsuit that he responded truthfully when he was questioned during the shooting investigation, but that angered Police Chief Gary Gacek. Larson claims that the chief harassed and tried to discredit him before wrongfully terminating him.

According to the lawsuit, Larson says the police chief’s statements have made it impossible for him to find employment.

The city hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

In August, Combs’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Larson and the city of Concord.

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