Concord Road Covered Bridge closed after delivery truck takes out beam

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Jun. 23—In a sign life is returning to normal in Cobb County, the historic Concord Road Covered Bridge was closed Wednesday afternoon after a delivery truck struck and knocked over a protective beam.

A social media post from Cobb County showed a Red Bull truck at the bridge's entrance with a metal beam folded over on top of the cab. The beam is not part of the bridge structure, but instead warns drivers of the bridge's low clearance. It appears to have performed its intended function, as the driver did not enter or damage the bridge itself.

The driver was not injured "despite substantial damage to the cab," according to an update the county posted on social media, and the bridge was expected to reopen before 5 p.m.

The county says because of the numerous posted warnings in the area, the driver will face charges and the county will seek reimbursement for the repairs from the insurance company.

"In fact," the county wrote, "after the addition of some hanging warning bars, there have been very few incidents."

The Department of Transportation was working to repair the beam, and hoped to complete the task before the evening rush hour.

The incident is one of many in recent years. The current beams were installed in 2018 after prior beams were also hit by multiple drivers and damaged beyond repair. The county was able to cover the $3,000 cost of the beams with an insurance settlement from one of the drivers.

Crashes continued in the years since, and in 2019 the county installed pipes hanging from chains up the road from the bridge to deter drivers with too-tall vehicles. The day after their installation, several were broken by motorists. The county installed new pipes (the above-referenced "hanging warning bars") later that year.

The bridge is the only covered bridge still in use in Cobb County. It is estimated anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 drivers a day use the bridge to cross Nickajack Creek. The bridge dates to 1872 and was posted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

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