Coney Island rides reopen after pandemic closure

Coney Island's illustrious amusement parks have reopened after the coronavirus pandemic shuttered them all last year. (April 9)

Video Transcript

- Woo!

DYLAN DOUGLAS: I'm so happy. I can't wait to go on my first ride. I've never been on any of these rides before.

CYNTHIA BLAND: He used to come here as a baby and watch the fireworks on Fridays. So they never got on the rides because he was too young. So.

DYLAN DOUGLAS: But still, I'm so excited now.


BILL DE BLASIO: Coney Island comes back. The rides come back. And now New York City will come back!


KEN HOCHMAN: Very, very difficult year last year. For good reason, we are unable to open. But for the first time in 100 years, we had to have the amusement park closed for an entire season. Millions and millions of dollars of revenue was lost. But this is a family-owned business. Four generations of the Vouderis family are committed to making sure that they survive the pandemic and reopen the park. Coney Island is the people's playground. And we're so excited to be welcoming everyone back here today.