Congress should end immunity for gun manufacturers -WH

The shooting of eight employees at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis on Thursday is evidence of an epidemic of gun violence in the United States and underscores the need for urgent congressional action on gun safety measures, the White House said on Friday.

"Like all of you, we're horrified by the shooting," Psaki told a White House briefing. "We can't afford to wait as innocent lives are taken ... There's more we can do and must do."

Video Transcript

JEN PSAKI: Like all of you, we're horrified by the shooting overnight at a FedEx facility. The president has been briefed by his team this morning. And key aides, including the White House chief of staff and homeland security advisor, have been in touch with local leaders and law enforcement officials on the ground.

The president has spent his entire career working to address gun violence, and his determination to act has been redoubled by senseless killings we've seen both in mass shootings like this and in the lives lost to the epidemic of gun violence every single day in communities across our country. We can't afford to wait as innocent lives are taken. That's why the president laid out a set of initial actions last week that the administration can take now, that we can take now, to address gun violence.

Stopping the proliferation of ghost guns and better regulating stabilizing braces, making it easier for states to implement red flag laws, increasing investments in proven community violence intervention programs. There's more we can do and must do. The Senate should take up and pass the three bills strengthening background checks that passed the House with bipartisan majorities and have the overwhelming support of the American people. They should heed the president's call to pass a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and an immunity for gun manufacturers.

Congress should act to pass the priorities laid out in the American Jobs Plan, including providing $5 billion in funding for community violence prevention programs, something that is of great interest and-- to a number of the groups that work hard on this issue.