GOP Rep. Todd Rokita tells CNN anchor Carol Costello: 'You're beautiful, but you have to be honest'

Dylan Stableford

During a debate over the decision by some members of Congress to accept paychecks during the government shutdown while other workers are furloughed, Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita prefaced a response to CNN's Carol Costello by praising her beauty.

"You're beautiful, but you have to be honest as well," Rokita said near the end of a live interview on CNN's "Newsroom" Thursday.

"OK, I think we should leave it here," Costello said.

Earlier in the exchange, Rokita complimented what he called Costello's youthful looks.

"I don't know if you have children. I'm sure you don't have grandchildren — you look much too young," Rokita said. "We're fighting for them. ... Obamacare is going to cost the children of tomorrow $2 trillion just over the next 10 years."

Rokita also defended his decision to accept a paycheck during the shutdown.

"As long as I'm working, I'm going to keep my paycheck," Rokita said. "It sends the wrong message. I don't intend to send the message that we aren't doing our job. In fact, we are doing our job. We're fighting on behalf of the American people. We're fighting to get rid of what I've said before is one of the most insidious laws ever developed by man."