Congressman Conor Lamb Reacts To Capitol Violence

KDKA's Andy Sheehan talks to Congressman Conor Lamb about the attack on the Capitol that left one U.S. Capitol Police officer dead and another injured. The suspect also died.

Video Transcript

- The suspect did exit the vehicle with a knife in hand. And at that time, he started to lunge toward, run aggressively toward US Capitol Police officers.

- It does not appear to be terrorism related. But obviously, we'll continue to investigate.

- And breaking news, we have just learned that the suspect in this afternoon's deadly incident outside the Capitol building was from the state of Indiana.

- He is 25 years old. His name, Noah Green. One US Capitol Police officer died. Another was hurt when Green allegedly rammed a vehicle into a police barricade just hours ago.

- The suspect also was killed. And the investigation is ongoing. We are getting reaction to what happened from some of our local members of Congress.

- Andy Sheehan spoke with Congressman Conor Lamb. Andy.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Well, Conor Lamb reacted with sorrow to the grim news, but also resolved that the US Congress would not be intimidated by this or any other attack. Now Lamb, like the rest of our congressional delegation, was in the Capitol building during the January 6th attack, after which many elected officials raised concern about the lack of preparedness on the part of security forces. But Lamb said that was not the case today.

The barricades on the perimeter of the Capitol kept the suspect away from the building itself. And the suspect was shot before he could breach the building. Sadly, those measures did not protect the officers themselves, one of which is dead. The other has been wounded. But Lamb said the killing of the suspect sends a message that lawmakers and the police, themselves, will not be intimidated.

CONOR LAMB: Nobody's backing down to these folks. Whoever they are, from whatever end of the spectrum or any cause, if you think you're going to attack the Capitol and somehow accomplish something, you're dead wrong. You're not going to intimidate us who serve in office. And you certainly are not going to intimidate or slip by the people who are there willing to give their lives for our protection, The Capitol Police and the National Guard.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Now there have been barricades around the Capitol grounds keeping visitors and access limited. And over the past several weeks, some of those barricades have been coming down. Now coming up at 6 o'clock, I'll talk to Congressman Lamb about the future of those security measures, and whether they remain needed in the wake of this attack. Reporting live on the North Shore, Andy Sheean, KDKA News.