Conn. Gov. Lamont Announces Scheduled For COVID Vaccine Eligibility

Gov. Ned Lamont said the move is to avoid chaos and confusion.

Video Transcript

- In Connecticut there is now a schedule for vaccine eligibility and it is based on age. So next Monday, March 1, people 55 to 64 can get the vaccine. March 22 it expands to 45 to 54. April 12, 35 to 44, and May 3, 16 to 34. Governor Ned Lamont says the move is to avoid chaos and confusion.

NED LAMONT: Obviously, it depends upon supply. It depends a little bit upon weather. It depends upon whether 95% of that age cohort wants to get vaccinated or something closer to 70%.

- The state is also allowing pre-K through 12 staff and teachers as well as professional child care providers to get the vaccine in March at dedicated clinics.