Connecticut fully reopens most businesses, ages 45+ now eligible for COVID vaccine

Most restaurants and other businesses are now open at 100% capacity, but with some COVID-19 restrictions still in place.

Video Transcript

- All right, thank you for that, Heather. Today, reopening milestones across the tri-state as we attempt a return to normalcy. In New York City, indoor dining capacity increases to 50%, everywhere else in the state, the capacity moves to 75%. In New Jersey, restaurants, bars, gyms and salons can open to more people.

But the biggest reopening is in Connecticut, look at that, where restaurants and other businesses can operate at full capacity. Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller is live in Greenwich with the very latest for us this morning. Derick.

DERICK WALLER: Charlene, good morning here in Greenwich. The Plaza Restaurant behind me, they opened at 6:00 AM. And at 100% capacity, they tell us they can seat 50 people inside. Capacity limits end today. For much of Connecticut including restaurants, gyms, and also houses of worship, but movie theaters remain at 50% capacity. And even for those venues allowed to operate at 100%, social distancing is still required And so are face coverings. Still, it's welcome news.

- I take it as, hey you know, things are opening stop. Things are getting back to normal. Hey, maybe I can go into the gym now.

JOE CAVO: For the economy, for our businesses, I don't think everybody will be able to go to 100%, but I think they'll be able to increase from where they are now, and that should be helpful to them.

DERICK WALLER: Also today, any Connecticut residence Over the age of 45 can go get the vaccine, regardless of occupation or pre-existing condition. And then on April 5, it will open up to anyone over the age of 16. A third of the population here has already gotten at least one shot of vaccine, including 78% of everyone over the age of 75. That, of course, is the most vulnerable group. So that's very good news.