Connecticut to lift most coronavirus mandates on businesses, outdoors

Connecticut plans to phase out many COVID-19 restrictions affecting businesses next month while keeping the mandatory indoor mask-wearing rules in place, Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont announced on Monday.

Video Transcript

- Trial in just a moment. But first at 5:00, breaking news in the coronavirus pandemic, as Connecticut will become the first state in our area to completely reopen.

- Within the last hour, Governor Lamont introduced a 2-step reopening plan. Beginning on May 1st, the business curfew will be pushed back to midnight. All outdoor restrictions will be lifted. Restaurants can serve alcohol without food. And there will be no limits on table size.

- Then on May 19, one month from today, all business restrictions will come to an end. The only rule, there's just one, people have to wear masks indoors in public.

NED LAMONT: I think these are all ways that-- we have earned the right to get back to our new normal. And I think you see on May 1, there's going to be a little more outside fun, which I appreciate, as long as we're careful. And on May 19, we're back to our new normal.

Right now 49% of Connecticut residents have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 31% are fully vaccinated.