Conquer distant planets in style with your very own Frieza pod cushion

Bandai Namco are selling Frieza’s space pod as a cushion designed to help you reach your final form.

The Frieza pod cushion is a life-size recreation of the very pod the menacing “Dragon Ball Z” villain floated around in during the Namek Saga, standing at 95 centimeters (37.4 inches) wide by 70 centimeters (27.6 inches) high.

Although this version doesn’t float, the plush pod does boast a small compartment to hold your phone, allowing you to binge your favorite episodes of “Dragon Ball Z” or the new “Dragon Ball Super” movie like a true intergalactic conqueror.

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Premium Bandai’s online retail site originally offered pre-orders for the cushion at 29,700 yen (approximately $200) with a Nov. 21 deadline, but the listing is no longer available at the time of this writing. Some collectible retailers in the U.S., however, still list the item as available for pre-order, albeit for double the price.

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Featured Image via Bandai Namco

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