Conservative Columnist Sounds Alarm On ‘Full-Blown Insurgency’ From The Right

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Conservative columnist Max Boot on Monday warned of a “full-blown insurgency” from right-wing extremists should former President Donald Trump decide to run in 2024 and lose again.

The Washington Post writer feared an armed faction of right-wing Trump zealots would “bear roughly the same symbiotic relationship to the GOP that the IRA had to the Sinn Fein party.”

It “doesn’t take many extremists to cause mayhem in a country awash in firearms,” noted Boot, a fierce critic of Trump and his enablers.

With right-wing violence now a top domestic terrorism threat, Boot said “a responsible political party would damp down its incendiary rhetoric and urge its supporters to moderate their zeal.”

But Republicans just “continue to fan the flames of hatred, violence and division.”

“It’s not too late to avert a wider insurgency,” Boot argued. “But it will require Republicans to dial down their violent and apocalyptic rhetoric — which they show no sign of doing.”

Read Boot’s full column here.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.