Conservative Group Joins Oracle's Supreme Court Attack Against Google

Chris White
  • Conservatives are opening a salvo against Google as the tech behemoth beats back claims that it stole thousands of lines of code from Oracle. 
  • One conservative group seeking to hold Google accountable for supposedly targeting conservatives filed an amicus brief supporting Oracle’s copyright claim against Google. 
  • If Oracle wins and the Supreme Court in March decides that Google did violate copyright law, then the decision could impact big tech companies throughout Silicon Valley. 

A conservative group seeking to hold big tech accountable for perceived bias filed an amicus brief Tuesday in support of Oracle as the company continues to sue Google over copyright complaints.

The Internet Accountability Project (IAP) filed a brief at the Supreme Court in support of Oracle, alleging that Google lifted thousands of pieces of code from Oracle without legal permission. The group said Google’s actions demonstrate the company’s flagrant disregard for property rights.

“Google has a track record of using other people’s property to build its business and make billions for liberals in Silicon Valley who then invest their billions in donating to liberal campaigns and defeating conservatives,” Rachel Bovard, senior adviser to IAP, said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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