Conservative website mocked for ‘breaking exclusive’ story about AOC’s bad parking

<p>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex</p> (Getty)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex

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A conservative website has been mocked for a so-called “breaking exclusive” story about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s apparently bad parking.

In a story on Wednesday, the congresswoman was accused of parking “illegally” at a Whole Foods supermarket, opposite an apartment complex in Washington DC.

The Washington Free Beacon alleged, in a so-called “breaking exclusive”, that it was a “parking scandal” with consequences for Ms Ocasio-Cortez’s “ongoing quest to transform the United States into a socialist paradise”.

Although it was not clear if any laws were broken by the Democratic congresswoman, dozens of critics of took to Twitter to mock the website for its story.

AOC’s ability to get ineffectually angry guys to beclown themselves remains impressive,” a user wrote of the so-called “scandal”. Another remarked: “Breaking exclusive: people continue to stalk AOC, report on inane doings”.

Others referred to allegations of sexual trafficking against Matt Gaetz, an ally of Donald Trump, and compared the two members of Congress’s conduct.

A criminal investigation into finances of the one-term president, and the Capitol insurrection carried out by Trump supporters in January, also came in for questioning.

“Matt Gaetz (Republican) is currently being investigated for sex trafficking and sex with a minor,” a Twitter user wrote of The Washington Free Beacon article.

“Donald Trump and Family (Republicans) currently being investigated for tax fraud,” the user added. “The January 6th Capitol Insurrection....”.

Another wrote: “While the right wing goes crazy over an alleged parking violation by AOC, Trump, his spawn, and his cronies are under CRIMINAL investigation for numerous financial felonies.”

The Washington Free Beacon also came under for criticising Ms Ocasio-Cortez for allegedly driving from New York City to Washington DC in a Tesla electric vehicle.

“BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AOC owns a cool car and lives well within her means,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I hit a curb last week and continuously park on or over the lines, make sure to get this breaking exclusive too,” added another.

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