Consider coming down to lower elevations

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Jan. 14—If you live at a high elevation and have a medical condition that may require ambulance response, consider coming down to a lower elevation prior to Saturday evening.

Haywood County Emergency Services issued this advisory late Friday as part of its ongoing public communication about snow storm preparations.

"Now is the time to come down off those higher elevations and be in the place where an ambulance can get to you," said Allison Richmond, Haywood Emergency Services spokesperson. "If you have medical needs, think about coming down and finding a place to stay with a loved one or a friend so you can be in a safe position for us to come get you if need be."

Get storm reports

Visit for useful resources and updates on Snow Storm Izzy.

The website rolled out by Haywood County Emergency Services is loaded with preparedness tips and things like who to call if your power goes out (hint: not 911).

It will also be a source of updates as the storm progresses on Sunday.

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