Constance Wu tears up recalling to Drew Barrymore how Asian American community 'shamed' her

Constance Wu broke down in tears on “The Drew Barrymore Show” as she spoke about the condemnation she received from the Asian American community following her controversial tweets about the Season 6 “Fresh Off the Boat” renewal three years ago.

In 2019, Wu drew online backlash from both fans and fellow when she took to Twitter to vent her frustration after hearing that the hit sitcom was renewed for a new season.

Wu told host Drew Barrymore that she had “reached a boiling point and behaved out of character” when she posted the tweets.

She then admitted she “suppressed a lot of abuse I had suffered over the years on that show in an attempt to sort of preserve its reputation because it was a shining beacon of representation for Asian Americans.”

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“When this happened it felt like my whole community turned against me — like the Asian American community — and really wanted to shame me,” Wu said.

She also recalled a message she received from another Asian actor who called her a “disgrace and a blight on the community.” Wu revealed that the message resulted in her attempting suicide as the actor basically told her that “it would be better if I just didn’t exist.”

In a recent interview on Megan Markle’s podcast “Archetypes,” Wu revealed that she had already forgiven the unidentified actor. According to Wu, the encounter “really made me reevaluate everything I had been holding back for all those years in service of helping the Asian American community.”

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She told Barrymore that the “Asian American community needs to own up to its history of sexism, misogyny and patriarchal values.”

“All we talk about is positive representation, which is an illusion,” Wu said. “Nobody is all positive, we need whole humans.”


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