Construction supplies in short supply for builders across the country

Construction season has arrived in Iowa – unfortunately builders are finding many must have supplies are in scarce supply.

Video Transcript

STEPHANIE JOHNSON: Supply for construction material is running low. And just to give you an idea of the shortage, normally this space is full of drywall material. Here at this business, staff is working hard to keep up with the industry's demand for drywall and lumber. The owner of the company says prices for materials like wallboard has risen by 45%. Roofing material was up by 40% and rising. But as prices increase, finding companies to order the material from is scarce, and the demand for housing construction has also increased. The owner believes the shortage is due to a combination of the pandemic and natural disasters.

GARY SCRUTCHFIELD: COVID was the first reason for a lot of it, but with the demand being so high for new construction, along with the cold spell down south in the states of Texas and Louisiana, the demand on wallboard has just skyrocketed because of all the interior damage that was done because of all the water pipes bursting in that region.

STEPHANIE JOHNSON: At this moment, business owners have no idea when this shortage will end, but they're holding out hope. Back to you.