Construction underway for new Murfreesboro skatepark

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Inside MOAB Bicycle Shop in Murfreesboro is where you’ll find manager Xavier Solís. He’s just the man to see if you are in need of a skateboard.

“We go, ‘Hey, gravitate towards something you like,'” he said. “We have something to offer everybody.”

He was a senior at Middle Tennessee State University 18 years ago when he first began working for the shop, but his love for skateboarding began way back in grade school, a time where he begged family and friends to take him to skateparks over an hour away.

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“Skateparks were like a really big, big thing,” said Solís. “(We went) just a few times a year.”

Now that he’s older, he and others in Murfreesboro still have to travel outside the city if they want to utilize a skatepark.

“We deal with a lot of people who move into the city who have no clue about Murfreesboro and they are like, ‘You don’t have a skatepark?'” said Solís. “It’s a hundred and how many thousand people and you have a major university and you’re just like, ‘Yeah, just not right now.'”

Luckily for Solís, all of that is finally about to change.

“We have an underutilized parking area existing, so we can utilize that and fill this area with some positive activity,” said Nate Williams.

Williams is the executive director of recreation services for the City of Murfreesboro. He said after years of planning, space at Old Fort Park will now be the home to the city’s newest skatepark and pump track.

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“We looked at different plans and different iterations, and we really settled on this spot,” said Williams.

In 2021, the city conducted a feasibility study and also began talking to community members like Solís, who helped provide feedback about how to construct this new skatepark.

“We really wanted to make sure when we built this amenity that it was something that they would actually use, and the people that would really capitalize off of it would really enjoy the style of skatepark that it is,” said Williams.

The skatepark will be over 12,000 square feet and come with a pump track.

Murfreesboro City Council recently approved the construction contract that will cost nearly $900,000 to complete.

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Though it’s been a long time coming, Solís is excited he’ll be able to have a place where he and others can skate in the city.

“It’s very in the community,” he said. “A lot of people can get to it. It’s a great landmark. It’s just a homerun. Yeah, it’s going to be cool, and I think the city will definitely see some very positive feedback from it.”

Williams said they are hoping to open the park this fall.

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