Consumer prices on Oahu rise less than U.S. average

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Jun. 11—Prices for food, housing, transportation and education have all been rising on Oahu over the last year, according to data released today, but the overall increase is less than the national average.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said in its latest report that the general cost of goods in Honolulu rose 3.8 % over the last 12 months through May, driven largely by the price of gasoline and electricity as well as new cars and housing.

However, the rise in Honolulu's consumer price index was below a 5 % increase nationally that represented the highest U.S. gain in about 13 years.

Costs in Honolulu over the 12-month period rose 34.7 % for gas, 2.6 % for electricity, 2.7 % for housing, 1.2 % for food and 4.1 % for education and communication.

The only major category with a decrease was apparel where prices slipped 1 %, the report showed.

BLS said prices on Oahu over the past two months have increased 2.1 %.

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