Contemporary artists mobilize for Italian hospitals

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On March 21, the contemporary art venue Plan X Art Gallery will launch an online auction to raise funds for two hospitals in Italy, which are at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe.

The Milanese Plan X Art Gallery, founded by Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile, has joined forces with Marco Rubino, a passionate collector of contemporary art and a contributor to Forbes Italia, for an online auction that will begin at 6 pm (Italian time) on March 21 and run for 24 hours.

Proceeds of #Artists4Italy will be donated to two hospitals: Luigi Sacco in Milan and Domenico Cotugno in Naples.

The sale will be accessible online at for a period of 24 hours.

Several internationally renowned artists have contributed works that will go under the hammer. They include street artist Alec Monopoly, known for his appropriation of the Monopoly board-game mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags, New York-based Jeremy Ville, who recently launched collaborations with Lacoste and Zara, and Mister E, the man behind the much-remarked reinterpretation of the US $100 bill.

Several Italian artists will also feature in the sale, among them Fidia Falaschetti, Francesco De Molfetta, Federico Clapis, and Giampiero Romanò.

"In a difficult time such as this one, we came together to unite our efforts and skills to achieve a common goal. ... when we asked Marco Rubino to join forces with us in planning this charity auction. We were immediately greeted with a wave of support from national and international artists. We would like to thank each and every one of them for the works they have donated, we will never forget their generosity," declared the gallery.