Continued Cool This Weekend, More Snow Arrives Monday

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- --cold one out there, my man.

CHRIS SPEARS: It's a cold one, but we're going to give you just a slight break from the cloudy, wet weather there. There's a live view from Lookout Mountain. You can see the sun is up, it's just obscured by some cloud cover. We think we'll see a little bit more sunshine later today and a little bit tomorrow before another weather system comes our way.

Temperatures this morning, 20's and 30's, pretty common across the entire state until you're higher up, you will find some teens, places like Frisco and Leadville this morning. It's 31 in Pagosa Springs, 31 in Greeley and at DIA, 30 in Fort Collins and 32 in Boulder. Golden, our weather watcher Kelly Harris, a little bit colder, 27 degrees there. Opposite side of town, Southeast Denver, Larry is 32 degrees. Good morning to our weather watchers.

I want to show you this perspective of the jet stream. Just kind of orient yourself, this is Hudson Bay. There's a big, big low pressure sitting in Canada and look how big the trough is carved around it. Huge, huge trough. Everybody in the blue colors here on the cool side within the trough, just little areas of disturbed weather. That's why we've been so unsettled for several days. This low pressure is really going nowhere any time soon, it stays around. And so we will see the next wave of moisture coming in on Monday. I'll show you that here on the future cast.

First the radar, just a handful of light snow showers from overnight still hanging tough in the Jefferson County foothills. Also across parts of Douglas County and further South on 25 from Colorado Springs to Trinidad, you may run into a few light snow showers. For today, most of the snow is going to redevelop down here in the southwestern corner where we have a winter weather advisory for four to eight inches of snow this afternoon and tonight in the San Juan Mountains.

Here's futurecast. Not a lot going on today except in the southwestern corner. The rest of us will see a few peeks of sunshine. We're going to roll all the way through Sunday here, just some passing clouds, not a whole lot to talk about, but watch right up here. Sometime Monday, a cold front comes in and it's going to bring the next shot of rain and snow. And I'm going to give you just a preliminary forecast for Monday night into early Tuesday. This may be enough of a snowfall event for us to shovel once again. We've got a couple of days to watch it.

Highs today, 30's up high, 40's and low 50's for everybody else. In Denver, about 45 degrees. A little bit warmer for you just in tomorrow, 55, that'll feel pretty good. And there's that cold front and the next storm. Monday into Tuesday we drop to the 30's and we have snow likely by Monday night.

- Great to see all the moisture that we do need in the state right now.

CHRIS SPEARS: Absolutely.

- All right, thank you so much, Chris.