New contract will save money on inmate meals

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Sep. 14—Smith County commissioners on Tuesday approved a contract with Sysco East Texas for an inmate food services program to fund meals at a less expensive cost.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office has decided to move toward doing inmate food themselves rather than hiring outside contractors.

"We have, the sheriff and myself have come to the agreeance that we need better food quality for our inmates at a cheaper rate," Smith County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy John Shoemaker said.

To have Sysco East Texas provide the food for meals, it will cost $260 a day for inmate meals and $313 a day for juvenile meals, Shoemaker said. With the current program inmate meals cost $317 a day and juvenile meals cost $375 per day.

Sysco will also come in and hold training for the preparation of the food and to teach them about the products they will be using, he added.

To make it possible for the jail to prepare food themselves, eight kitchen supervisors and one kitchen manager have been brought in to help with the food preparations.

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