New Controversy Out Of Centner Academy

There was a new controversy coming out of Centner Academy on Thursday after a teacher reportedly told a class not to hug their vaccinated parents.

Video Transcript

- A new twist to the vaccine controversy at a South Florida school, a meeting held this afternoon with parents after a teacher told a fifth grade class not to hug their vaccinated parents. CBS 4's Jessica Vallejo is live tonight in Miami with reaction from parents and the school. Jessica.

- Yeah, it does look bad.

- To me, it looks bad.

JESSICA VALLEJO: That's right, Elliot. Well, the school's leader Leila Centner said many things today. First thing is most, she said teachers should wait to get vaccinated at least two months. And if they did decide to get a vaccine, they would have to quarantine. Now that exact time is still unknown. Take a listen.

Centner Academy, a local private school that's made national headlines this week held the parents meeting after a teacher told some of its young students to limit hugging their family members who had received a vaccine.

SARA DAGAN: Other schools are demanding teachers to get vaccinated. So I don't see the difference. To each his own. Your body your rule.

JESSICA VALLEJO: The Centner Academy is a private school run by Leila Centner who had threatened to fire teachers who got a vaccine. She says, while conspiracy theories about vaccine claiming for instance, that people who are vaccinated are a danger to those around them because they may be transmitting something from their bodies.

LEILA CENTNER: I am not OK with you being at this school.

JESSICA VALLEJO: Thursday at a parent meeting, a parent told me off camera the school's leader stood by her words. But others said she backtracked on some.

- She's saying just wait.

JESSICA VALLEJO: This parent said a teacher will not be fired if they got a vaccine. The Centner did not state they will be allowed back into the school building.

- Being asked not to. But there's plenty of teachers that have the vaccine. There's plenty of parents that were in that meeting today. They've been vaccinated. They're welcome.

JESSICA VALLEJO: Another parent off camera told CBS 4 News, Centner said in the meeting that she had ties with some officials who says within months Pfizer will state its vaccine is unsafe. That parent was very unhappy. The majority who attended the meeting supported the school's leader.

SARA DAGAN: Again, I think our administration is very strong and our community is united.

JESSICA VALLEJO: Now the controversy started with this email from a 10-year-old girl stating, quote, "Hola, Mami. This teacher is telling us to stay away from you guys and not hug you for more than 5 seconds. She is also saying we should not get the COVID vaccine." The girl's fifth grade math and science teacher at Centner Academy told the children the COVID vaccine was dangerous. The child's mother had told CBS 4 News quote, "I don't have words to describe how my stomach dropped when I saw that email."

Now Centner did apologize on that teacher's behalf. However, we have not heard from her today. In Miami, Jessica Vallejo. CBS 4 News.