Concussed by shell: Armed Forces of Ukraine rescue bear near liberated Lyman

Olena Barsukova, staff writer at Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia, 5 October 2022

The Ukrainian military and animal rights activists of the UAnimals organisation have rescued a bear that had suffered a concussion near the liberated Lyman.

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the city in Donetsk Oblast, the injured animal was found locked in an enclosure.

The private zoo was on the occupied territory, but the bear miraculously survived.

UAnimals reports that everything was destroyed within three metres around the bear's enclosure.

Photo: UAnimals

Photo: UAnimals

"The invaders mistreated most of the wild animals kept there, but the bear survived. 

Although he is in a terrible condition and is concussed from a shell that hit the building where he was sitting," animal rescuers say.

A bear with a concussion was found near de-occupied Lyman

A bear with a concussion was found near de-occupied Lyman

Now a team of volunteers is taking the bear to the Nataliia Popova and UAnimals Wild Animal Rescue Centre for treatment.

When the bear's condition improves, he will go to the Arden Predator Park in Khmelnytskyi Oblast for rehabilitation.

"We hope that the bear's treatment will be successful and he will recover soon!", the animal rights activists say.

When the bear's condition improves, it will be taken to rehabilitation

When the bear's condition improves, it will be taken for rehabilitation


They are also calling on Ukrainians to join the March for Animals to help animals affected by the war.

"Many animals suffer from war, and therefore, we encourage you to join our online march for animals.

To those who are in Poland now: come out in Warsaw, on 8 October, to [join] the march, and invite your friends, relatives and colleagues with you," UAnimals added.

Earlier, it was revealed that the family of a Ukrainian soldier died after a rocket attack on Dnipro.

The surviving dog named Krym was waiting for them at the ruins of their house: he got a concussion and was crying, waiting for his owners.

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