How Convenient: 'Accidental Racist' Just Disappeared from YouTube

Esther Zuckerman

Less than 24 hours after the, shall we say, misguided Brad Paisley and LL Cool J song "Accidental Racist" went viral, YouTube videos featuring the song appear to have been taken down — but it might not be YouTube doing the pulling, exactly.

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After Paisley said he would not apologize for the song, he went on defend it on Ellen today. "Accidental Racist" appears on his album Wheelhouse, and it's still available on Spotify, so the YouTube "pull" may be more of a rights' issue than anything. We're reaching out to Sony Music Nashville and Google for comment, and there is at least one YouTube version of the song still available on the video site (albeit with not that many plays). But it's a convenient bit of copyright usage that the version of the song — set to pictures of Paisley with lyrics on top of them — viewed by tens of thousands on Monday and Tuesday has suddenly vanished. It certainly takes away some of the punch when a video featuring the controversial song is no longer available alongside the many posts taking it to task: 

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