Convicted Russian agent Maria Butina released from prison and deported

Kevin Johnson and Kristine Phillips, USA TODAY
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    Arriving to Moscow Saturday morning, Maria Butina was greeted with smiles and flowers by Russian government officials—including Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, along with family members, well-wishers and hordes of reporters
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    Putin happy to welcome her back.. she's currently waiting on her new assignment to Ukraine
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    The NRA haven't said a word after Putin gave them $30 million dollars.
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    Maria Burina completed her mission and will receive the Putin appreciation award for her successful infiltration of the NRA and helping to get Trump elected as a Russian asset.
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    Fox News
    She’s a gun “rights advocate”.... yea sure... feel free to google gun rights in Russia 🇷🇺. They don’t have any rights and she isn’t an activist at home in Russia... she’s a spy pure and simple.
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    The NRA (National Russian Association) thinks Butina is a fine person and will be sponsoring her retirement dacha outside of Moscow.
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    If they ever need some one to play a young Tracy Ullman for a movie ,, you couldnt get much closer.
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    I wonder if she is the reason certain highly placed republicans chose to NOT RUN AGAIN in 2018?
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    OH wow look at that, an early release due a rule change at the federal level in the Trump administration.
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    Secret Agent Woman