Cook County Health gives out 100,000th COVID vaccine

The preliminary 7-day statewide test positivity rate sits at 3.2%. On Saturday the state reported 1,922 virus cases and 42 deaths.

Video Transcript

STACEY BACA: Well, it has been quite an effort too, Rob. Winter weather across the United States has impacted COVID vaccinations in all 50 states. That is according to the White House COVID team. Tonight, Chicago is waiting and hopeful for more vaccine, and here in Cook County, they have reached a milestone.

At the training college vaccination site, there is reason to celebrate today.

JUDY LUDWIG: It feels like a woo-hoo!

STACEY BACA: That's Judy Ludwig of Mount Prospect. She is here on an historic day for Cook County Health along with the Illinois National Guard.

RATNA KANUMURY: It's our 100,000 vaccination. I can't tell you how wonderful that feels. It's a lot of work from a lot of people.

STACEY BACA: Ludwig got her shot after the official 100,000 patient, who was a 17-year-old grocery store worker. Even so, Ludwig was still excited about the milestone.

JUDY LUDWIG: That's encouraging. That really is encouraging. It's the only way we're going to stop it. That and stay masked.

STACEY BACA: Across the country, it has been a tough week. Winter weather impacted shots in all 50 states. Today the White House COVID team saying workers, where they're packing or shipping the vaccines, were snowed in, not able to work. Road closures were also a problem along with power outages. Tonight, signs of improvement.

ALLISON ARWADY: We're back on track.

STACEY BACA: In Chicago, encouraging news, after locations like Innovative Express Care canceled appointments this weekend, worried their Moderna supply would not arrive in time.

ALLISON ARWADY: Moderna was more delayed, but we expect, per what is in the computer, 117 out of the 120 sites that we expect to receive Moderna, for it to for it to arrive today.

STACEY BACA: And Dr. Arwady shared more good news today. Chicago's test positivity rate is now 3 and 1/2 percent.

ALLISON ARWADY: That is the lowest positivity that the City of Chicago has seen from COVID, since COVID came to Chicago.

STACEY BACA: So quite a milestone there in Chicago, also here in Cook County. Dr. Arwady said the reason that test positivity rate is dropping, is because of this. People are wearing their masks and social distancing.