Cooke Co. wants defendants to resolve outstanding cases

Mar. 11—Law enforcement agencies and courts statewide are participating in the 2023 Texas Court Case Resolution Campaign Week, March 19-25.

Court officials told the Register that it's basically a collection effort to collect old fees and things like that that haven't been taken care of before they go to warrant."

This campaign is designed to encourage people who have ignored tickets to make sure that they're taken care of. They can be dismissed, they can take them all the way through trial or they can pay and go, but they have to resolve the ticket in some manner, according to court officials. Anyone who hasn't taken care of the tickets at all and haven't contacted the court, they added.

People can expect to see public service advertisements and receive contact from courts, in order to step up efforts to actively resolve outstanding cases. Mailings have already gone out to those who have outstanding tickets, and while there is a focus on March 19-25, people can contact the court to get the issue resolved before then.

Under Texas Law, individuals appearing before a court and making a good faith effort to resolve outstanding Class C cases are afforded safe harbor and not subject to arrest. Additionally, if a judgment is rendered against an individual who is unable to pay the judgment, the individual may request a judge to assess their ability to pay and offer alternative means to satisfy the judgment.

Individuals with outstanding cases are encouraged to contact the court to voluntarily resolve their cases before being compelled to appear in Court.

For information, contact the office of Cooke County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1- Judge Jody Henry at 940-668-5463.