Cool house or a ‘minimum security prison’? Home for sale in Georgia has folks talking

A home on the housing market in the Peach State with an observation tower has sparked some chatter on a popular real estate social media page.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home — which is listed for $1.55 million in Ellijay, Georgia — is surrounded by a massive wooded area on 87-plus acres, which means a new owner will have an abundance of privacy if they want to get away from city life.

“Whether you want this for a mountain retreat, bed & breakfast or family compound this one has it all,” the listing on describes.

Outside of the cool tower, other features of the property include:

  • Creek

  • Rolling hills

  • Pasture land

  • Primary bath upgrade

  • Spacious kitchen

  • Masonry fireplace

  • Basement with a safe room

But the real draw is the unique-looking tower that offers 360 views of the mountains. Fans of Zillow Gone Wild, a Twitter account and Facebook page that highlight interesting houses for sale, were busy cracking jokes regarding the HBO hit series “The Last of Us,” a post-apocalyptic drama starring Bella Ramsey, Pedro Pascal and Nick Offerman, based on the video game of the same name.

Bill from ‘The Last of Us’ would love this,” someone on Twitter joked in regard to Offerman’s recluse character.

The perfect house if ‘The Last of Us’ happens in real life,” one person said. “I’m certain the owner is a prepper/survivalist.”

“When you want to rent out your home as a minimum security prison,” someone joked.

A correctional officer’s dream,” another commented.

You laugh now but when the zombie apocalypse comes they’ll be laughing last,” one person said.

So where’s the armory? I can only assume a house with a watchtower also has an armory. I wonder who they’re expecting,” another noted.

Somebody took their 5 year old’s drawing and made it a house,” someone commented.

Doubles as Rapunzel’s crib or an air traffic control tower,” one person joked.

Ellijay is about 60 miles north of Marietta.

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