Slight chance of showers to end the weekend

We start off cool Sunday morning but will warm to near 70 in the afternoon under partly sunny skies. A spotty shower or two is possible, but any rain would be very light.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good morning and happy Sunday, everyone. It is time for your 1-minute weather update. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth. Today is better than yesterday. Still not a perfect day, but we're getting there.

Those winds aren't as big of an issue, so that certainly is a plus. As we head through the day here, it's a cool start. A mild afternoon, high temperatures of around 70 degrees.

A few light showers are possible today. Talking to 20% chance of rain, nothing too heavy, just a brief passing shower. A lot of what we'll see on radar will actually be evaporating before it even touches the ground.

By Monday, we get more sunshine, and we start warming things up. As far as temperatures go, I mentioned today I've got the high at 70 in Houston. A lot of upper 60s to low 70s, depending on exactly how much sunshine we can squeeze out.

And then by Monday, it's mid to low 70s. And that warming trend continues a little bit more here up through Tuesday-- 78 degrees there, beautiful weather. A dry front will move through on Tuesday. That'll knock down temperatures a bit Wednesday. And then we begin that warming process again Thursday and into Friday.

Does look like Friday is our next cold front. That's our next good chance for rain, sandwiched there by a 20% chance of rain on both Thursday and Saturday, but it does look mostly dry as we head into next weekend. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth, and that's a look at your 1-minute weather update.