The Coolest Children's Musician on Earth Is Also a Member of 'The Suicide Squad'

Ryan Britt
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Go Banana Go!DJ Flula.Curb Your EnthusiasmConanLast Call With Carson DalyTrolls World Tour.The Suicide Squad, which looks amazing.FatherlyGo Banana Go“Go Banana Go” is “Who Tooted? Is cool. How do you make kids’ music cool?
I think if you let fruits–especially ones use by tennis players to eliminate the mid-match cramps–make music, then the result shall be the sassiest of tunes in the history of ears! If two bagels made some music it would probably be fine (decent beats, weak lyrics), but also would hold zero candles to the magic of the musiks made by fruits that undergo negative geotropism!

Credit: Flula Borg

Why do kids love these Trolls so damn much? What’s the secret?What can you tell me about The Suicide Squad? I can’t wait!How can dads be 2% cooler in terms of their music tastes?Beyond your own music, what are you listening to these days?It’s For YouCheck it out on Spotify here.

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