COP28: Stella McCartney wants to limit fashion's impact

STORY: [Stella McCartney, British fashion designer]

"I'm here at COP28 to represent the world of fashion. It's one of the most harmful industries in the world to the planet."

Location: Dubai, UAE

Stella McCartney is calling for laws to limit the environmental impact of the fashion industry

"And I think the leaders in the business of fashion are literally getting away with it because they don't have any laws. So I think they don't really have to be here. They're not being called out. So I'm kind of calling out my own industry, but I'm doing it in a way where I'm trying to encourage and provide a solution. So there is a positive end to the story, I think."

The clothing and footwear industry is responsible for almost 10% of greenhouse gas emissions

McCartney co-founded a $200 million sustainable investment fund

which backed some of the products on show

"We have here a leather-free alternative called Mirum, which I'm investing in - in the fund, because I think you've got to put your money where your mouth is and you've got to give these people funding to replace bad business for good business. But it's a completely plastic-free leather alternative. It's rubber-based, it's natural and it's scalable."

"And then I'm also here to try and talk to policymakers and to try and have some kind of legal parameters in the world of fashion so that our industry, so that all of the other industries here, actually have some kind of laws in place so that we can be more environmentally friendly."