COPA: Mother Of Teen Boy Shot And Killed By CPD Will See Body Camera Video

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, the agency that investigates Chicago police shootings, will allow the family to review the footage next week.

Video Transcript

MARISSA PARRA: After a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by Chicago police earlier this week, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability will show the body camera video to the family first before releasing it to the public. CBS 2's Brandon Merano is live outside of CPD headquarters with how this could happen as early as next week. Brandon.

BRANDON MERANO: Yeah, Marissa. COPA originally saying they wouldn't be releasing that video because 13-year-old Adam Toledo was a minor and saying that it would require a court order. But after a closer look at the statute they flipped that decision, saying they will release the video to the family next week, and then the public within 60 days.

Now Toledo's family says they believed the 13-year-old was sleeping safely in his bed Sunday night. But police got into what they're calling an armed confrontation with the boy and a 21-year-old he was with around 2:30 Monday morning. That 21-year-old man was arrested for resisting arrest. Chicago police tweeting this picture of a pistol they recovered from the scene. But neither COPA or CPD is saying if the boy shot at officers or pointed the gun at them.

Yesterday Toledo's family and their attorney speaking publicly for the first time.

- This child wanted to be an officer, and he was shot by the hands of another officer.

ELIZABETH TOLEDO: I just want to know what really happened to my baby.

BRANDON MERANO: Toledo's mother will get the chance to see for herself when she looks at that body camera video next week.

For now, live at CPD headquarters, Brandon Merano, CBS 2 News.