Copies of property deeds cost a few dollars, not $89

Keith Gushard, The Meadville Tribune, Pa.
·2 min read

May 4—Getting a copy of a property deed in Crawford County only costs a few dollars, not $89, according to Beth Forbes, Crawford County's recorder of deeds and register of wills.

It only costs 50 cents a page to get a copy of a deed from the Recorder of Deeds Office at the Crawford County Courthouse. Most deeds are two to four pages, so the transaction is around $2 on average, she said.

The office issued the reminder after getting callings from residents who had received letters from Local Records Office, a business out of Harrisburg that is offering property owners a copy of their deed for $89.

The letter from Local Records Office has a disclaimer stating it's not affiliated with the county, the offer isn't being made by an agency of the government, and the person is under no obligation to pay the amount unless they accept the offer.

While it is legal for the company to send letters, "it's not necessary," Forbes said of using the firm's service.

Getting a copy of a property deed also may be done by mail or email with the Recorder of Deeds Office. "It can be done online (with the office), but it's still less than $10 (with the convenience fee)," Forbes said. "We're happy to help."

The office at the courthouse, 903 Diamond Park, Meadville, is the central repository for all county land records. Any land sale or document dealing with real estate within the county is recorded by the office. The main types of documents recorded are deeds, mortgages, mortgage satisfactions, subdivision plans, easements, articles of agreement, oil and gas leases, and rights of way. The office also records powers-of-attorney and notary commissions.

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