Cops hear screams and burst into home during deadly stabbing spree, Texas police say

Hearing screams inside a Texas home, officers burst through the front door and opened fire after being confronted by a knife-wielding man holding onto a wounded woman, according to police.

Officers made their way to the home on Austin’s northeast side after a man called 911 for help, saying he’d been stabbed in the stomach and was “bleeding a lot,” Austin Police Department officials said at a Jan. 21 news briefing. The attacker was still at the home, the man told police.

Three officers arrived at the scene and found a group of people gathered outside the house, including a person with stab wounds, police said.

As officers moved toward the home they could hear screaming from inside, police said, so they decided to force their way in through the front door. As soon as they did, they were met by a man clutching a knife in one hand and an injured woman in the other, officials said.

All three officers opened fire, shooting the man, police said.

Several other people were rescued from the house, including three children, according to police. A woman was found dead on the floor of a bedroom with stab wounds, police said, and two other people were stabbed and are hospitalized in stable condition.

Officials say the man shot by police was also taken to a hospital and is in stable condition.

Police said they did not know what relationship, if any, there is between the accused attacker and the victims, but an investigation is underway.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact investigators at 512-974-6840.

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