Corgi's Response to Realizing Mom Is Dog Sitting His Best Friend Is Just the Best

The little hop is too cute to resist.

We all love hanging out with our best friend. In fact, some of the best moments between friends are when we run into our bestie at places where he didn't expect to see them. One Corgi encountered his best friend in an unexpected location, and his reaction is the best.

TikTok user @cometandcarm recently shared a video of her Corgi, Comet, when he walked into their family room and saw his best friend sitting there in a cage! Check out the video to see the awesome moment Comet realized his best friend would be staying with them for a few days!

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Awww, this is amazing! Both pups are so excited to spend a few days together. They couldn't even wait for Comet's friend to get out of the cage before they started playing!

People in the comments couldn't get over Comet's little hop of excitement when he realized his best friend was staying over. @rich684808 said, "That's the cutest side hop ever," and @the_huntswoman commented, "OMG the little HOP!" Comet's hop was definitely the best part of the video!

Others were very excited to see Comet have such a beautiful, long tail. @ajhandoko commented, "OMG A CORGI WITH THEIR TAIL!" and @kmak234 said, "The tail! I love corgis with tails—my lil potato doesn’t have her's." Comet does have a very lovely tail!

We know Comet and his friend are going to have the best time together. We can't wait to see what kind of mischief they get up to together!

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