Updates: U.S.-Canada border closure to continue

  • The Canada-U.S. border will remain closed to non-essential travel for at least another month, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said in a statement.
  • Louisiana authorities have arrested three women accused of assaulting a teenage restaurant hostess because they were upset they couldn’t all be seated together due to coronavirus distancing rules.
  • California's coronavirus testing system has buckled under the weight of supply shortages, the state's aggressive daily testing goals, and the federal government's nonexistent testing strategy, according to a Desert Sun investigation.
  • Latinos are more likely than white, Black and Asian Americans to be worried about economic issues related to coronavirus, according to a new survey.

Staying Safe

What to do if you think you have coronavirus

Here’s what to know about the symptoms and what to do if you have them. It's important to take precautions to protect not only your health, but also that of others.

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Can you reuse a disposable mask?

Here's how to safely remove, clean, store and reuse your disposable mask.

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How to be safe when socializing

Is there a safe way to see family or friends while following social-distancing guidelines?

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What is contact tracing, and how does it work?

The goal of contact tracing is to alert people who may have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus, and prevent them from spreading it to others.

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Can coronavirus spread through the air?

The World Health Organization recently acknowledged the possibility that COVID-19 might be spread in the air under certain conditions.

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Can you get the coronavirus twice?

Health experts think people who had COVID-19 will have some immunity against a repeat infection. But they don’t know how much protection or how long it would last.

How safe is outdoor dining?

Are you helping or hurting the people involved in the restaurant business by dining out? Experts weigh in.

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Can plastic face shields protect you from the coronavirus?

Plastic face shields are most frequently worn by nurses or doctors who are very close to patients who may be exposed to droplets that contain the coronavirus.

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What's the risk of getting coronavirus outside vs. inside?

The virus does spread more easily indoors, but you should still follow social distancing guidelines to protect yourself outside.

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Is it safe to go to the gym?

Whether or not it is safe to return to the gym has become a puzzling question for people as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in many states.

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Debunking coronavirus conspiracies

Two doctors address some of the false medical claims in a popular viral video.

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Public health glossary

What's the difference between quarantine and isolation? Here's a guide to the public health terms used in the coronavirus coverage.

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WHO's FAQ guide

See the World Health Organization's FAQ guide to get informed about the coronavirus.

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U.S. is making a coronavirus strain for human vaccine trials

U.S. government scientists have begun efforts to manufacture a strain of the coronavirus that could be used in human challenge trials of vaccines, a controversial type of study in which healthy volunteers would be vaccinated and then intentionally infected with the virus, Reuters has learned.
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