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Ex-PM Johnson frustrates families at UK COVID inquiry

STORY: The families who squeezed into a pen outside the venue in central London turned up early on the second day of the hearing in the hope of confronting Johnson with the key decisions that preceded their loved ones’ deaths.On Wednesday (December 6), Johnson gave his most explicit apology for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, saying his government had been too complacent and "vastly underestimated" the risks posed by the virus.Johnson said he took responsibility for all decisions made and he understood the public's anger after the inquiry heard of government incompetence, backstabbing and misogyny as it battled the biggest health crisis in decades.More than 230,000 people in Britain died during the pandemic and many millions more infected.Johnson, prime minister for three years between 2019 and 2022, resigned in disgrace after a series of scandals including reports that he, and other officials, had been present at alcohol-fuelled gatherings in Downing Street during 2020 and 2021 when most people in Britain were forced to stay at home.
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