Coronavirus: 1 in 3 Ohioans have received 1 dose of vaccine

Kristen Spicker, Springfield News-Sun, Ohio
·2 min read

Apr. 8—One in three Ohioans have received as least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine as of Thursday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Nearly 33.5% of the state's population has started the vaccine and 20.29% of Ohioans have finished the vaccine.

As of Thursday, 3,9113,290 people have received their first shot in Ohio and 2,371,462 people have completed their vaccination.

Ohio has more than 1,300 vaccination sites, Gov. Mike DeWine said. To register for a vaccine, visit

Starting Monday vaccine providers will be able to partner with employers, labor unions and organizations to host closed-pod vaccination clinics.

The governor is asking local health departments, especially in areas with a lower vaccine demand, to reach out to employers in their communities to organize those vaccine clinics.

Public health agencies are also encouraged to reach out to high schools to coordinate vaccinations for students ages 16 and older. All students under the age of 18 must have a signed permission slip from their guardian to be vaccination.

DeWine is recommending that Ohio uses some of its federal coronavirus relief funds to pay off an unemployment insurance loan the state owes to the federal government.

"This loan was caused by the global pandemic," he said. "Paying this off now will free Ohio employers from this burden so they can instead focus on getting employees across our state back to work."

Wednesday marked the seventh day in a row that Ohio recorded more than 1,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients. It also recoded its highest number of daily hospitalizations in 21 days yesterday, with 169.

After a surge in cases and hospitalizations at the end of 2020, Ohio appeared to turn the corner earlier this year, with cases and hospitalizations plateauing in March. Now both metrics are beginning to increase again.

Ohio reported more than 2,000 daily cases for the third time in seven days on Wednesday. The 2,918 cases reported on Monday also included cases from Sunday and was not included in the three days over 2,000 cases. The 2,064 cases recorded Wednesday was nearly 300 more than Ohio's 21-day average of 1,771 cases.

The 169 hospitalizations reported on Wednesday was the most since 156 hospitalizations were recorded on March 18. Over the last 21 days the state has reported an average of 90 hospitalizations a day.