Coronavirus: 3-Month-Old Among Skokie Patients

Drew Zimmerman

This article originally appeared on the Skokie Patch

SKOKIE, IL — A total of 51 people from Skokie have tested positive for coronavirus as of Thursday, including a 3-month-old baby, according to the Skokie Health Department. So far, an elderly male with underlying health conditions has been the only fatality in Skokie. Additional information about patients cannot be disclosed at this time due to confidentiality requirements.

The Skokie Health Department is collaborating with the Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate all cases of the virus.

As of Thursday, over 2,500 cases and 26 deaths as a result of the coronavirus have been reported in Illinois.

The health department updates the number of coronavirus cases in Skokie daily at around 3 p.m. for more information about coronavirus cases, health resources, a list of frequently asked questions, visit