Coronavirus becomes a weapon of disinformation in Middle East battle for influence

Nabih Bulos
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    There is massave misinformation about the coronavirus by our own MSM
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    This is nothing new. Here in America, it has been used by Turmp to make him look good for the upcoming election by saying that the virus was the other party’s hoax. Then, he takes it back and declared it a big deal therefore causing a national panic where people stocked up on toilet paper that they can use for years. Now he’s promoting his miracle cure from the virus hoping that it works because he has money invested in the product that has no proof of working. But, nonetheless, his cult followers believe him. Then, a stimulus package is promised to us Americans but nowhere to be seem SNF at the same time he wants his signature on all of the money. There’s too many things to list but yes, Turmp has been using this to promote himself as a necessity to the American people even though he caused more than 10000 Americans to die.
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    It is not fair to paint Iran with the same brush as other Middle Eastern countries. Iran has been open from the get go and engaged its citizens despite sanctions and lack of resources.
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    Well, sounds like the usual tribal rivalries are alive and well in the Middle East, virus or no virus.
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    Iran has world class health care system and the means and expertise to detect Covid-19.
    Other countries in West Asia are not at the same level as far as medical know how goes and hence are reporting far less infections.
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    Daily death number in USA is more than the total deaths in Muslim countries (except Iran). What do u talk about?
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    Anges parmi nous
    It's the Middle East...don't care.
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    It isn’t a fraction of the liberal news disinformation campaign America has endured since President Trump saved us from a downward spiral into socialism.
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    Sound just like here in US, has become political battle since early March, not a word of truth from our president or his admin..
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    on the picture, Iranians doctors and nurses have equipments that Trump can't provide is US ...... Iran seems to manage far better the crisis as they have declared their deaths from the beginning......
    all this topic is propaganda to hide the weakness of US government to manage that crisis that should make around 200K deaths in US !