Coronavirus: Face Coverings Ordered For Easton Public Buildings

Scott Souza

EASTON, MA —The Eaton Board of Health has unanimously voted to order all members of the public to wear a facial covering when entering any essential business during the declared new coronavirus state of emergency. The order includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenient stores, home-improvement stories, dairies, liquor stores and other similar businesses.

Face coverings can be make up of a scarf, bandana or other similar material, but does not have to be a N95 respirator or surgical mask.

The order also includes employees open to the public and states employee face masks must cover the nose and mouth. It also applies applies to common areas and communal spaces of residential and commercial building complexes with greater than one unit.

Commercial building owners should put up signs directing employees and patrons to wear face coverings for anyone 2 years old or older.

The order does not provide for any fines, citations or right-of-refusal-of-service to businesses for those who are not wearing masks.

The Easton Board of Health said there were 198 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus as of Tuesday.

Gov. Charlie Baker on Tuesday extended the Massachusetts stay-at-home order two weeks to May 18. The order was initially set to expire May 4. The extension also applies to the closure of nonessential businesses and ban on gatherings of 10 or more people.

Baker said the measures, issued March 23, have "played a significant role" in slowing the spread of the new coronavirus. Reopening too soon could help the virus rebound, he warned. Baker also said the state will see a "phased reopening," but stressed the need for a downward trend in
COVID-19 hospitalizations before people get back to work. While COVID-19 cases have plateaued for 12 days, hospitalizations remain high.


This article originally appeared on the Easton Patch