Coronavirus: Infections Continue To Rise In Westchester

Michael Woyton

WHITE PLAINS, NY — The number of confirmed positive cases of coronavirus continues to increase in Westchester County.

At his Thursday news briefing, County Executive George Latimer said the total active cases as of Wednesday was the same as it was during the peak in April.

The county reported 11,321 active cases of the virus as of Wednesday.

The total number of people testing positive for the virus to date is 80,869. That is 5.1 percent of the total number of persons who have been tested, which is 1,571,910.

Latimer said the number of active cases compares to 10,039 from one week ago and 8,550 two weeks ago.

He said the increase is due to the combination of exposure during the holidays and the new, more communicable variant of the virus first found in the United Kingdom.

The last reported number of people hospitalized with COVID-19-related illness was 554, as of Tuesday, well below the number of available hospital beds in the county.

Latimer said the number of fatalities from the disease is now 1,763, as of Wednesday. There have been 100 deaths over the last two weeks.

"Last night, we lost 11 people," he said.

Latimer said that Wednesday was the first full day of vaccinations given at the Westchester County Center. There were 1,030 doses administered that day.

Month-to-date, there have been 1,015 vaccinations for the coronavirus at county clinics.

A breakdown of total and active cases of the new coronavirus by municipality can be found by visiting the Westchester County COVID-19 Dashboard.

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This article originally appeared on the White Plains Patch