Revealed: Boris Johnson's plans to overhaul public areas to conform to new social distancing lockdown rules

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
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    "People are not allowed to visit the homes of friends and family – unless it is for care and medical reasons" I assume going to the home means inside the home. Presumably you can drop things off outside the house. This is no different to delivery men or meeting a friend in a park.
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    "Separate entrance and exits" for shops ? How does that fit in with smaller stores with only fifteen feet frontage ? Equals no window displays, and complete shop relayout - up one side and down the other - plus decrease in stock on display etc. Who is going to pay for all this ? Where are the contractors coming from to do all the alterations ? What about listed buildings ? Has anyone thought this through ??
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    I can't understand why I can meet my elderly father in a park (he has been isolating for 8 weeks) with all sorts of other people, but not in the safety of his garden.
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    The virus is out there, and we either get on with living or see our ecomony collapse. Why is social distancing so important as we had swine flu and Sydney flu years ago. Families cannot see each other yet you can pass strangers in the streets and go to work. Does this make sense ?, If you have a cold then you stay in until gets better and don't infect others.
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    Comely Maiden
    BoJo wants to restart the housing market from today .That means total strangers can walk around your house . Meanwhile in cloud cuckoo land you can't visit your kids , grand kids or grand parents but you can squeeze into a tube train like a folking sardine . I love the science
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    Food Wear
    If 2 or more people from once household meet with 2 or more family members from another household in the park with both parties staying more than 2 meters away, will there be any enforcement to stop that from happening. Will there be a sudden influx of 111 calls from busy body folk out on patrol?
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    Good luck with getting people to social distance in the long term 🤣🤣
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    Well , as someone who lives on their own with no family the new rules will make no difference to my life whatsoever . Personally I find all this social distancing & mask wearing depressing , is this really how we want to live ? The time will have to come when people realise that they cannot stay cooped up at home all the time & we will have to get out there & take our chance . I'm fed up with being told what I can & cannot do by the government & so-called medical "experts" who seem to make it up as they go along .
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    I've had my son & grandchilfren at my home regular, my son moved back home shortly after this wishy washy lockdown started, he has joint custady of his two children as his ex partner is a key worker as is my son, I am in the at risk catergory yet my wife is a non driving key worker who I have to drive to work as the buses don't now run for my wife to travel to work, so I have no option & I would't change it even if I could, I think common sense goes a long way to staying safe, still seeing my family & still safe.
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    You can't talk to a stranger in the park but you can go round and look at their house as a potential purchaser. Well, that makes sense.