Coronavirus: Marriage Cerificates, Town Elections In Plymouth

Scott Souza

This article originally appeared on the Plymouth Patch

PLYMOUTH, MA — Plymouth Town Clerk Laurence Pizer addressed several services that are affected in town by the town offices closure amid the coronavirus pandemic. While residents cannot apply for marriage intentions at this time, death certificates can be processed remotely.

Marriage Intentions — We are unable to process Marriage Intentions (applying) until we reopen. For those who already applied, call 508-322-3302 and leave a voice mail. Pizer said he has those intentions at his home, and arrangements can be made. Justice of the Peace services may be available for very small outdoor services for those with marriage certificates.

Nominations for Town Election — Those making a last-minute decision to run for town office can email the Town Clerk at Those papers are due back by 5 p.m. on Friday. Those with papers completed can scan them and email them to Pizer, mail them or place them in the delivery drop box at the upper entrance to Town Hall. There are no extensions based on the virus.

Election of March 31 for State Senate — The election has been postponed until May 19. As the date gets closer, the town will let residents know about early voting, absentee voting.

Town Election – As of now, the town election remains on for May 16..

Business Certificates – It will require a notary. You might wish to wait until we reopen.

Dog licenses – Best to apply online. The clerk's office was close to catching up on its backlog when Town Hall closure occurred.

Birth Certificate certified copies – Best to apply online. The clerk may have occasional access.

Death Certificate certified copies – The clerk is able to register deaths during the closure, so those will be done when it is safe for the clerk to go back to town hall.

Notary Services – Not available at this time

Voter Registration – go to