Coronavirus may stop hundreds of thousands of would-be citizens from voting in November

Suzanne Gamboa
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    "If ceremonies and interviews remain shut down until October without remote alternatives created by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, about 441,000 people who would have been citizens would be deprived of the chance to vote, according to Boundless Immigration, a technology company that helps immigrants apply for green cards and citizenship."

    441,000 NEW citizens sworn into our nation between March and November.....

    And liberals pretend the evil wicked GOP is keeping people out of our nation?

    That's about half a million new citizens through legal immigration each year...

    That's close to the entire population of Vermont....
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    Usually if someone is at a stage before interview or oath ceremony, they are already green card holders, who basically are granted many rights already, such as living here legally, study, work etc. They are living here with no problem and will continue to do so without the interviews. It is the right thing for USCIS to pause above activities, it's for everyone's safety and I don't know how people made it such a big deal.
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    We have to set our priorities; number one right now and which will be so for the next month or so is to control the infection, medicate the infected, create a vaccine not only for the citizens of this country but other countries as well. Prospective citizens will have to fall in line just as every other important issues and matters do.
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    They aren't citizens yet so no problem. One has to earn their way and sometimes the test for earning ones way is a bit harder then normal such as standing by a country in a crisis situation. Instead worry about citizens being unable to vote or a higher risk of voter fraud.
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    Oh well, people's health is more important. They can always vote next time around.
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    this only concerns yahoo and the libs, because they feel that group would be the ones voting for their candidate.
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    They vote Now in Illinois. Just come here. No Problem.. We give you stimulus money too. Free housing. Break the Law,We don't care.The Law only applies to citizens. Hurry,Soccer season is almost here.
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    These people have waited this long to become citizen I am sure they do not mind waiting one more year to enjoy becoming a citizen. But it seems that who every wrote this have a problem with them not becoming a citizen in time to vote for there Democrats member if that is the way they are going to vote. I am sure if they felt that they was going to vote for Trump this story would not have even came up.
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    All of our lives are disrupted right now. Will Liberals ever give their agenda a rest?
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    alex b
    I am a immigrant. I always vote Republican. So does my mom and my dad.