Coronavirus In Ohio: 854 New Cases, Spike Continues

Chris Mosby

COLUMBUS, OH — Ohio's swell of new coronavirus cases continued Sunday, according to the state health department.

Officials confirmed 854 new cases of COVID-19 in Ohio on Sunday. That's well above Ohio's average of 563 new cases per day over the past three weeks.

Gov. Mike DeWine said he does not believe an increase in testing capacity is responsible for the surge in new cases. Ohio's positive test ratio continues to hold steady or increase, he said, meaning the virus is more widespread than previously thought.

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Here's how many COVID-19 cases the state has confirmed per day this week:

  • Monday — 729
  • Tuesday — 590
  • Wednesday — 632
  • Thursday — 892
  • Friday —987
  • Saturday — 817
  • Sunday —854

A spike in new cases tends to come before other metrics show similar upward trends. Here are some of the other metrics the Ohio Department of Health is tracking:

  • New COVID-19 deaths: Three confirmed Sunday
  • New COVID-19 hospitalizations: 57 confirmed Sunday
  • New COVID-19-related ICU admissions: 30 confirmed Sunday

This article originally appeared on the Cleveland Patch