New York's coronavirus outbreak originated mainly in travelers from Europe, new studies show (Lauren Frias)
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    My 71 year old mother went on a trip to Europe in November for 3 weeks. She went to Spain, France, Italy, and then took a cruise to the Carribean. By the time the ship had docked back in the USA; half of the ship was ill. A few were hospitalized. My mother had come down with a very odd sickness. She had no taste or smell and developed pneumonia. She had never felt that way from a sickness in her life. By the time that she went to the doctor, they had no idea what she had. She had shortness of breath and was afraid she was going to die. They gave her some antibiotics and that knocked out the pneumonia and she eventually got better. Now, we believe that she had the Coronavirus as the symptoms are identical to what is being reported today. Think about that for a minute. Thousands of people had this in November/December and were transported here on a cruiseship with people of all different descents. They were back in the public walking around, most likely infecting many others. We need an antibody
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    Chinese tourists, among others, spread the virus when traveling for the 2 week Chinese new year holiday around January 25 2020.
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    Total Jim
    But de Blasio also said, “What we do know, to date, is that only through prolonged exposure can someone contract this virus. It is not a situation as with some other diseases where a single contact would be enough.”
    Feb 2nd...... New Yorkers should go about our lives, continue doing what we do. . . . We understand some things about this disease. As I said, others are still unclear. But what is clear is the only way you get it is with substantial contact with someone who already has it. You don’t get it from a surface. You don’t get it from glancing or very temporary contact based on what we know now.”

    Health Commissioner Barbot tweeted, “As we gear up to celebrate the Lunar New Year in NYC, I want to assure New Yorkers that there is no reason for anyone to change their holiday plans, avoid the subway, or certain parts of the city because of coronavirus.”
    February 4
    China’s consul general in New York, Huang Ping, thanked the Chinese-American community and other concerned Americans on Tuesday for their aid in battling the coronavirus outbreak, and criticized what he described as “an overreaction by the American government in severely restricting travel to and from China.”

    During a radio interview, Mayor de Blasio declared, “It’s two full weeks between when you might contract it and when it might show symptoms or any time within. . . . The people who would have the reason to think they have it — have those flu-like symptoms and have either been to China, particularly to the Wuhan area, or have been in close contact with people who have come back from there. So, it’s a pretty limited number of folks. But if anyone fits that description, they need to get to health care right away.” In the interview, de Blasio noted that New York City has the largest Chinese population outside of Asia.
    February 5
    Health Commissioner Barbot declared on Twitter, “Today our city is celebrating the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, a beautiful cultural tradition with a rich history in our city. I want to remind everyone to enjoy the parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about coronavirus.”
    February 9
    Chinatown in New York City held its annual Lunar New Year parade. As AM New York described the scene, “Surgical masks were nearly absent from this parade as organizers, elected officials, costumed characters, and visitors alike showed none of the fear caused by news of the virus’s spread in China. Mayor Bill de Blasio and other officials jammed a stage on Hester Street on Mott Street — the heart of Chinatown.”
    I could go on............and not even an honorable mention by the MSM
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    So instead of 'banning' the Chinese, Trump should have banned Europeans first?
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    You may want to reserve judgement until you hear from a legitimate source.
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    No wonder, already on the 29th of January the Corona virus was already detected in the sewages of Amsterdam, now, blame it on the European too !.
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    Call me Jack
    Most likely source was Italy where some 300,000 Chinese work in the northern areas near mIlan and the like. They'd just come back from Chinese New Year in the PRC and had been part of the bioweapon test that the PLA had shared with us so they were all perfectly contaminated and were contaminating Italians blithely unaware of their symptoms. DO you wonder why the version that is in Northern Italy and now in NY is so virulent, so fatal? I don't.
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    DT is a troll
    Of course in NYC the foreign source would be mostly Italian. Had Trump paid attention to those early intelligence reports that he ignored, we could have gotten out in front of coronavirus because we would have known that it could fly in here from most anywhere.
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    Trump just doesn't have the intellectual to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. if you're the president, and a memo lands on your desk telling you that 2 million American citizens could be infected with a dangerous new flu virus, you don't go to a rally or hit the links. and you don't ignore your own intel experts and try to bs your way through it and deliver a total lack of federal leadership. smh
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    Well, the problem lies in the fact that countries like Germany, France or Spain didn't put any travel restrictions. Oddly enough, Italy suspended all flights to and from China on Jan 31. This tells me that this is a black swan event that no matter what was done, there wasn't really anything any country could have done to prevent the spread.
    A new global tracker mapping the impact of the new coronavirus on movement around the world
    A new global tracker mapping the impact of the new coronavirus on movement around the world