Coronavirus Patient Requests 'Celebratory' Dr Pepper After 89-Day Stay at Florida Hospital

A man who recovered from the coronavirus after an 89-day stay at a hospital in Largo, Florida, had one last request from the health care staff: a celebratory sip of Dr Pepper.

Michael Griffin, 35, “won a hard fought battle” with the coronavirus during his stay at Largo Medical Center, HCA Healthcare said in a July 23 Facebook post.

This video shows health care workers cheering for Griffin as he is discharged from the hospital. Toward the end of the video, a staff member hands Griffin a Dr Pepper, fulfilling his “one final request” for his favorite drink.

Dayle Rippee, a nurse at the medical center, said there were times during Griffin’s coronavirus fight when she thought “each breath could be his last.” But she said he was a “fighter.”

“His sheer will and commitment to his recovery is what helped him walk out of the hospital today, and I am beyond proud to say that I had a small part in his victory,” Rippee said in the Facebook post. Credit: HCA Healthcare’s Largo Medical Center via Storyful