Coronavirus patients are likely most contagious within the first week of symptoms, research suggests — or just before symptoms arrive (Aria Bendix)
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    "But Coffee said researchers still "just don't have all the data."
    "I tell everyone to think of themselves as both infectious and at risk for infection," she said." Everyone looking for 'the last word' here. It isn't in yet. Don't knock it.
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    We spend a lot of money on weapons instead of our health system.
    Our health system build on profit not for the benefit of the people.
    A lot of diseases, but no cure. Only medicine that control the diseases with a million side effect. Spend the money for the benefit of the world not the benefits of few companies.
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    For the pandemic to end, the average patient would need to infect less than one other person.

    So whats less than one? Zero.
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    This One Goes To Eleven!
    But DON'T wear masks... They don't work.... Oh WAIT!!! YES... WEAR MASKS... they now work
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    I think I’m gonna wear a mask from now on. Maybe it’s a little too much but I don’t have health insurance so I can’t take the chance. I’m wearing a mask and now goggles or protective eyewear.
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    That's why people wear masks. Who knows he does NOT carry virus?
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    The solution is simple! Everyone should wear mask in public. NOT to filter what you breath IN, but to filter what you breath OUT! The virus is still being spread to surfaces and contracted by touch. Those that have the virus even if they don't know it spread it to surfaces. The mask that everyone in Government are talking about are also the WRONG mask. Those mask have a valve to allow free passage of air OUT, and filter on the way IN. It should be filtering both ways, and those that are positive for the virus keep it to themselves. But this only works if EVERYONE uses the mask in public
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    Part of the problem is communicability. Look at the person in the photo accompanying the article and see a health worker touching his head wearing PPE in an ICU environment. Anyone who has done this kind of work for a living (I have 34+ years) knows this is NOT the way it's done, but to be fair the person in the photo may be bone tired. Imagine the errors the general population makes daily either not knowing any better or just forgetting. I'm not criticizing anyone just hoping folks are careful. Be safe, everybody!
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    Constitution is the answer
    Cure has been much worse than the virus! The virus numbers are faked. Don't believe me? Look at the death by heart attack numbers. They have dropped for the first time in decades. They are still dying.
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    "For the pandemic to end, the average patient would need to infect less than one other person".

    Well, that would be easy for me considering some of the people I need to associate with.