Coronavirus Positive Average Continues Downward Trend In Virginia

Michael O'Connell

VIRGINIA — The positive average of coronavirus tests in Virginia continues downward Thursday after reaching the highest level since the spring.

Statewide, the seven-day average of positive PCR tests is 15.5 percent as of Jan. 10. In the early days of 2021, the average climbed above 17 percent. While the positive average had been below 10 percent for the summer into the fall, significant increases started in late November.

The peak average for Virginia remains 20.2 percent on April 20 and 21. One key difference between the positive average now and the early months of the pandemic is the testing availability. Testing has ramped up significantly since the pandemic began; when the peak average of 20.2 percent was reported on April 20 and 21, the seven-day average of daily testing encounters were 2,800 and 2,914, respectively. On Jan. 13, the average was 9,455 testing encounters.

Positive averages by region are 20.2 percent in the eastern region, 18.3 percent in the southwest region, 14.4 percent in the northwest region, 14.3 percent in the central region and 14.2 percent in the northern region.

Cases continue to be on the rise with daily cases in the 4,000s or 5,000s reported. On Thursday, 5,294 new cases were reported, and the seven-day average is 5,023 daily cases. By region, new cases include 1,456 in the eastern region, 972 in the southwest region, 1,281 in the northern region, 819 in the northwest region and 766 in the central region.

There are 3,194 current COVID-19 hospitalizations across Virginia, including 583 in the intensive care units and 366 on ventilators. According to the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association, 1,049 of 2,895 ventilators are in use among all Virginia hospital patients. ICU occupancy stands at 36 percent. ICU occupancy stands at 83 percent.

Health districts in Northern Virginia and other locations are in phases 1b of vaccinations, and all of the state has started phase 1a. As of Thursday, 215,101 people have at least the first dose, and 27,429 are fully vaccinated. To date, 943,400 doses have been distributed in Virginia. Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines require two doses, with the second dose taken three to four weeks after the first.

Below are the latest coronavirus data updates for our coverage area from Wednesday to Thursday:

  • Alexandria: 8,387 cases, 462 hospitalizations, 94 deaths; increase of 89 cases, two hospitalizations, and three deaths

  • Arlington County: 10,359 cases, 688 hospitalizations, 187 deaths; increase of 82 cases and one hospitalization

  • Fairfax County: 51,334 cases, 3,109 hospitalizations, 725 deaths; increase of 427 cases, 11 hospitalizations and five deaths

  • Fairfax City: 347 cases, 25 hospitalizations, 10 deaths: increase of five cases

  • Falls Church: 211 cases, 18 hospitalizations, six deaths: increase of one case

  • Loudoun County: 15,876 cases, 678 hospitalizations, 165 deaths; increase of 165 cases and nine hospitalizations

  • Manassas: 3,208 cases, 149 hospitalizations, 29 deaths; increase of 24 cases

  • Manassas Park: 1,008 cases, 66 hospitalizations, eight deaths; increase of four cases

  • Prince William County: 29,278 cases, 1,269 hospitalizations, 273 deaths; increase of 291 cases, seven hospitalizations and five deaths

  • Fredericksburg: 1,196 cases, 70 hospitalizations, 12 deaths; increase of 16 cases

  • Spotsylvania County: 5,688 cases, 224 hospitalizations, 71 deaths; increase of poverty 74 cases

  • Stafford County: 6,270 cases, 245 hospitalizations, 31 deaths; increase of 78 cases, five hospitalizations, and one death

This article originally appeared on the Reston Patch