Coronavirus Researchers Host Virtual Town Hall: Chapman Experts

Ashley Ludwig

This article originally appeared on the Mission Viejo Patch

FULLERTON, CA —The minds of Chapman University invited all to join an "Ask the Experts: COVID-19 Research Town Hall," featuring university faculty working on coronavirus-related research, planned for Thursday afternoon.

They invite the community to join virtually and listen, learn, and ask questions to those on the front line of research related to the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

The meeting was to be held over Microsoft Teams and will begin at 2 p.m.

Experts decided to share their knowledge with the community at large earlier this week, as organized by Thomas Piechota, vice president for research at Chapman University.

The researchers selected were chosen to present a clear picture, each focusing on different aspects of the virus and its effects on the people and the planet.

Other faculty are doing research and are ready to answer questions surrounding coronavirus from combatting the virus on the front lines to environmental and political ramifications of the illness that has brought the world to a global stand-still.

Speakers include:

Dr. Jerika Lam, an infectious disease pharmacist and member of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation COVID-19 Task Force.

Dr. Steven Gjerstad of the economic Science Institute, together with Dr. Andrea Molle, will discuss whether age is an independent factor that contributes to COVID-19 mortality rates.

Dr. Hesham El-Askary, Schmid Science and Technology, will discuss emissions (Nitrogen Oxides) in selected COVID-19 regions, looking at before outbreaks began in Wuhan, during, and after. Weather image tracking will show differences in other areas, including LA and New York, since the lockdowns started in those areas.

The entire Chapman staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to attend, and the broader community is welcome to join here.

Following the presentations, a Q & A session was offered to each speaker, moderated by Piechota.